Summer rains a great time to do some extra baking

10 Jul

If you have a bread  maker this is for you……

I am going to give my version of this recipe because I have done it this way for years and turns out awesome.

Always a hit at any get together

Savory Pull- Apart Bread

Put ingredient in this order

1 stick  soft butter

1/2 cup water and 1/2 milk together (I micro for 6-8 sec so not cold)

1 egg beaten

3 1/2 cups bread flour

1/2 cup sugar

tsp salt  ( I use kosher or sea) can use reg. iodized too

Italian seasoning (I don’t measure but around 2 or 3 T.)

Parmesan cheese  ( I use blends if I can find it) ex. Pizza Topping has spices mixed in

3 T yeast

Put on dough cycle

Right before cycle complete:

Melt 1 to 1 1/2 sticks of butter

Pour into 1 gal zip lock bag—set aside

When cycle complete dump out and cut or tear into 20 pieces and roll into balls

Put balls into gal zip lock with butter, zip up and turn around to get butter over all ball.

Unzip and pour everything into greased bundt pan and lay piece of wax paper over top.

Let rise in warm place. Time will vary depending on temp. Warmer the better. If you have a gas oven

you can place in at 170 degree leaving door open slightly.  I let it rise 1 hour. It will rise different every time.

Should rise almost double but doesn’t matter it is all good.

Then bake at 350 degree for 20 – 25 minutes

Turn out onto serving plate.

Start eating and hope you enjoy



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