choosing the right cutting board

10 Jun

Wood cutting boardsImage made from a durable bamboo material area very durable and good for general cutting purposes.  Because of the grain of the wood you have the lease amount of movement when cutting.  Wood cutting boards also have a natural anti-septic that help eliminate bacteria.  Cleaning is as easy as soap and water but to help preserve and keep from warping wipe down with mineral oil.

Plastic cutting boards Imageare made out of super high density polyethylene plastic and tend to be the most popular.  Plastic cutting boards are dishwasher safe, stain resistant, warp resistant, non absorbent and resistant to bending chipping and cracking.  A big advantage of plastic is they do not affect  the sharpness of a knife. Also, with the variety of different colors you can color code what board you use for what.  Ex. Red for beef, etc.

Glass cutting boards Imageare made of tempered glass that are odor and stain proof, non-scratch, heat resistant, multi-purpose, and easy to clean.  Also have a design to match your kitchen decor and add flavor to your kitchen.  Easy clean up.

Hope this helps with making you choice of which cutting board(s) will work for you

Linda Altum with


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